Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Cousin Got a Dog

Ever since my cousin, Naomi was 2 or so, she wanted a dog. I should know, I've known her since she was -2 months old. So yes, when we visited, we'd always played doggie games and she was always a Golden Retriever, I was a German Shepard, and my cousin Elijah would be the owner. One of the reasons why my cousin wanted a dog is because they were cute, and everyone else had one. Although what I always really wanted was a horse, I thought a dog would be fun for her to have, since she would be the one taking care of it. She has been bugging her parents ever since then. But then, about three years ago, I got the idea that maybe I should give her a  dog. Just because, for her birthday. I asked her if she liked a dog for her birthday, and she actually asked me for a computer. As I desperately tried to find money to buy her a computer, my dad announced that he bought the iMac computer and he was going to give me his previous MacBook. I already a laptop, and it was faster (not better though) than the old MacBook, so, I gave that to my cousin. I was excited that things turned out that way. However, after about a year, the computer stopped working, and she went back to wanting a dog. But about the same time she reverted to her dog craving, she also began a strange diet that she thought was healthy. I noticed it immediately. She used to be like a chubby Japanese doll, but recently, she became unhealthily skinny. She didn't get enough protein and she always counted her calories. Although counting calories is not a bad thing, she is becoming too obsessed with it. The duty of the rest of us cousins, is to entertain her and talk to her when she is not engaged in some activity. However, between the 7 of us, 3 (Isaiah, Ivana, Isaac) are in Washington, one (Philemon) is in Chicago, another one (Othniel) is in China, one (Tabitha) is in LA, in college, and her brother (Elijah) is also in LA, in the same college as my cousin Tabitha. The only one left to do the entertaining is me. I love my cousin, but sometimes, it becomes tiresome because of her constant need of entertainment. She sends all of us 'spam essay texts' as my cousin Tabitha refers to them. I feel like she is lonely, and she always wants to be around family. When my cousins Tabitha and Elijah come down to visit, they feel like they're wasting their time, because they (my cousin Naomi and her mom) take forever to decide what to do. They don't seem to realize it, but the reason they can spend 10 days with them and feel extremely lonely while I can spend 30 minutes with them and feel extremely happy is because she doesn't take the initiative to start a conversation with them. I was starting to run out of 'cousin entertaining' ideas, so I thought, she's always wanted a dog. If she gets a dog, maybe the dog will entertain her.

I feel like my cousin is always saying, "Entertain ME!" She doesn't' seem to know how selfish she really is. She acts generous, giving her mom the best parts of everything, but it feels to me as if both are equally selfish. I miss the old cousin, and I am hoping that the dog will help get the selfishness off of herself and lavish it on the dog. Any advice? Please pray for me and her and her dog.

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